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Under the new phase of its highly successful VetTrain program, Vets Beyond Borders (VBB) is delivering clinical training courses on the premises of VetTrain PARTNER ORGANISATIONS (VTPOs).

Please note that application for registration as a  VETTRAIN PARTNER ORGANISATION (VMPO) can only be made by an VBB Affiliate. If your organisation is not yet affiliated with VBB, please follow this LINK.

Application is FREE to all but for-profit and government organisations. A lack of resources does not necessarily mean your organisation is ineligible for registration.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Before submitting a registration application, please read the Terms & Conditions of VTPO registration so you are aware of your obligations and commitments in relation to information provided to VBB during the registration process.

It is essential that information provided by prospective VTPOs is as accurate as possible. This information will give us an understanding of your organisation and help us determine if and how we can provide on-site VetTrain courses for your staff.

A copy of the completed form will be emailed to you following submission. We will notify you of the outcome of your application within four weeks.

If you have any questions about the VTPO registration process, please contact us at vettrain@vetsbeyondborders.org.

We look forward to receiving your application.

Best wishes, Team VBB


  • Registered name of organisation *:
  • Website and/or Facebook address :
  • Name of authorised contact person :
  • Email address of authorised contact person :
  • Telephone number of authorised contact person:
  • Please provide your VBB Affiliate Organisation Reference Number (please contact admin@vetsbeyondborders if you do not know your organisation's AO Reference Number):

    Please provide the details of two veterinarians or other professionals who have recently been employed by or volunteered with your organisation.
    If you are unable to provide references please indicate below.

  • We are unable to provide referees
  • Referee No 1 :
  • Qualifications (if known):
  • Referee No 2 :
  • Qualifications (if known):
  • TRAINING TOPICS: Please number the topics in order of importance (1 = most important etc):

  • Small animal surgery: Soft tissue
  • Small animal surgery: Orthopaedic
  • Large animal surgery
  • Small animal internal medicine
  • Large animal internal medicine
  • Dermatology
  • Small animal diagnostic imaging
  • Large animal diagnostic imaging
  • Clinical pathology
  • Animal behaviour
  • Small animal nursing / paraveterinary instruction
  • Large animal nursing / paraveterinary instruction
  • Humane animal handling
  • SMALL ANIMAL FACILITIES (Dogs, cats, etc.)

  • Vehicle for the humane transport of small animal transport * YESNO
  • If YES, please indicate how many:
  • Secure animal holding pens * YESNO
  • Holding facilities

  • Individual pens * YESNO
  • Shared pens * YESNO
  • How many dogs can be appropriately accommodated on-site?:
  • Examination room(s) for small animals : YESNO
  • If YES, please indicate how many *
  • Room(s) reserved for small animals surgery only * YESNO
  • If YES, please indicate how many:
  • Number of operating tables:
  • How many dogs and cats do you treat on an average day?

  • Surgical:
  • Medical:
  • LARGE ANIMAL FACILITIES (Donkeys, cattle, sheep, etc.) :

  • Vehicle(s) for large animal transport * YESNO
  • If YES, please indicate number:
  • Secure holding pens for large animals * YESNO
  • Secure outdoor yards for large animals * YESNO
  • How many large animals can be appropriately accommodated on-site:
  • Separate clinical examination area for large animals * YESNO
  • How many large animals do you treat on an average day?

  • Surgical:
  • Medical:

  • Gaseous anaesthetic machine * YESNO
  • If YES, please indicate number and model(s) :
  • Autoclave *YESNO
  • If YES, please indicate number and model(s) :
  • X-ray machine * YESNO
  • If YES, please indicate number and model(s) and also number of protective gowns/gloves/thyroid protectors:
  • If YES, please indicate processing technique: Manual (wet)Automatic processorDigital
  • Basic kits * YESNO
  • If YES, please indicate number:
  • Please provide a description of the contents of a basic kit:
  • Other surgical instruments (include only items that are in good order):
  • Clinical laboratory facilities * YESNO
  • If YES, please provide details of tests that can be performed:

  • Office space available for use by VetTrain teaching staff * YESNO
  • Classroom space for use by VetTrain teaching staff * YESNO
  • If YES, please indicate how many people the room will seat *
  • Digital projector for use by VetTrain staff * YESNO
  • Photocopier for use by VetTrain teaching staff * YESNO
  • Secure accommodation for VetTrain staff * YESNO
  • If YES, how many can be accommodated?:
  • If YES, is this accommodation located at the training venue? YESNO
  • If NO, can transport be provided to transfer VetTrain teaching staff to and from training venue? : YESNO
  • How many trainees do you expect would attend a VetTrain course? (VBB encourages host organisations to invite clinical staff from neighbouring animal welfare organisations):
  • Staff fluency in ENGLISH (This is very important - we need to ensure good communication, so your staff benefit as much as possible from the training)
  • Paravets/Vet nurses * EXCELLENTGOODFAIRPOOR
  • Can translators be provided? * YESNOUNNECESSARY
  • Please provide any other information that will support your application to have a VetTrain course delivered at your facility:
  • Please insert images of facilities and accommodation into a zip folder and email to vettrain@vetsbeyondborders.org

    THANK YOU for completing this form.

    IMPORTANT: Before submitting your application please ensure you have read and understood the Terms & Conditions of registration as a VetTrain Partner Organisation and confirm below that you agree to these Terms & Conditions :

  • YES, we agree
  • A copy of your responses will be emailed to the email address provided by you.

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