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Volunteer Testimonials

Trish Keating

Vet Nurse Sikkim 2017

During the two months I spent in Sikkim, March-May 2017, I had the privilege to work with some of the most dedicated people I have ever met – the SARAH team. I wondered what the hell I was doing there at first:
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there were language difficulties, the methods, anaesthetic protocols, standards of asepsis, etc. were totally alien to me. But a dog is a dog, and I ended up ‘fitting in’. I got the chance to travel, tour, work & live in each of the four beautiful districts of Sikkim. The SARAH team are unpretentious, friendly and honest, and manage with the barest essentials to do a very important job. My peers, the paravets, are amazing and I would be proud to work with them again anywhere, anytime. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Dr Simon Marston

Ladakh 2016

Whilst volunteering on a project so far away may be daunting, the actual participation will provide a fantastic sense of not only having contributed, but also having achieving a great deal of self-satisfaction. It will be an experience to treasure for all time.

Dr Alberto Scacchi

Sardinia 2016

I felt very useful for the project and very satisfied at the end when we count all the animals neutered in 10 days. I know that it is a "drop in the ocean" but as you know, the ocean is made from drops! I have learnt in 10 days more things than in 6 years of university.
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In fact, the opportunity to put my hands on 160 animals is not so common in a normal working life.

Belinda Battersby

Vet nurse, Pacific 2015

My experience as part of the VBB team on the Vanuatu Project was one I will remember fondly. To work with such dedicated and caring professionals in a tropical paradise has been the highlight of my career.
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Assisting the local people to improve the lives of their pets was humbling but rewarding beyond measure. It was hard work, with some sad moments, but seeing the grateful owners and knowing we had made a difference to the health of dogs and cats was definitely worth it. I would recommend volunteering on this or any other VBB Project.

Dr Monika Herold-Wagner

Bylakuppe 2015

I wanted to look beyond my own nose and I loved it! Not only can you contribute your veterinary skills in the ABC/AR program (it´s astonishing with what simple means you can set up an efficient outdoor-theatre!) but also for private pet-owners. You also get to know a culture and people you will never forget...

Dr Simon Coghlan

VetTrain 2013

I had a wonderful and eye-opening time volunteering for VBB in India. I felt well supported by all concerned, and I would certainly volunteer again.

Dr Rebecca Robey

Sikkim 2013

Volunteering with Vets Beyond Borders is one of those true life changing experiences! Being able to use your veterinary skills and knowledge to help improve the lives of not only animals but also local communities is an incredible feeling and a
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great personal achievement. The friends I made in Sikkim will hopefully stay with me for life and the memories, experiences and encounters that VBB has given me will certainly last a lifetime! Thank you VBB for not only giving me a wonderful volunteering adventure but for the tireless incredible work you achieve every day!

Dr Noelia Lopez

Sikkim 2013

My volunteer experience not only fulfilled all my expectations but opened a whole new world for me. It showed me that my skills and experience as a veterinarian can be used for much more than helping animals - they can change the world, improving animal welfare on a large scale.