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Volunteering with VBB

**VBB programs are currently on hold due to COVID-19. Updates will be made available on our site when available. Thank you for your interest in VBB**

Volunteering with one of our programs is a great way to push your personal and professional envelope, experience different cultures and make lifelong friendships; all whilst performing vital work, improving the health of animals in great need of your professional skills.

Our volunteers can chose from a wide range of destinations, from the snow-clad Himalaya to the rainforests of central Africa.

You will be warmly welcomed by project staff and the local community. Your trip will be a much richer experience than that of a regular tourist.

In accepting a placement under VetMatch  (including our Community Awareness program), VBB volunteers can have confidence that the project with which they will be working has undergone rigorous assessment, to help ensure that the volunteering experience is a memorable and positive one – for all involved.

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If you are a veterinarian or veterinary nurse with relevant post-graduate qualifications and/or experience in clinical teaching, the new phase of our well-known and highly successful VetTrain program commenced in 2018. This initiative provides opportunities to travel overseas as part of a team of VetTrain volunteers, to refine and develop the skills of clinical staff working with frequently under-resourced animal welfare projects.

Veterinarians and veterinary nurses prepared to volunteer their time and skills to care for animals affected by natural disaster or outbreak of exotic disease in Australia are invited to register with our AVERT program.

Veterinarians and veterinary nurses

Veterinary professionals come from all over the world to volunteer with our programs. Under VetMatch, we welcome applications from vets and vet nurses with a minimum of two years clinical experience, able to commit to working for at least two weeks, but preferably longer.

Recent graduates and students

Recent veterinary graduates and veterinary students in their final two years of study may apply to volunteer with VetMatch, in a support capacity, or to assist with delivery of our Community Awareness program.

Non-veterinary volunteers

Positions for non-vet volunteers are occasionally available, most often with respect to community education, building maintenance, administration or fundraising.

Volunteering within VBB

We are always delighted to hear from individuals with skills in administration, promotion, publicity or fundraising. If you have such experience and a few hours per week to spare, please contact our Administration and Membership Coordinator, Kate Neal: