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Over the past decade, Vets Beyond Borders has earned a worldwide reputation for recruiting and deploying skilled and experienced veterinary volunteers. Our volunteers are dedicated, generous professionals, prepared to leave their usual places of work to provide care to homeless and street-living animals and assist in efforts to improve the health of local communities. VBB’s VetMatch program has been devised to facilitate the placement of volunteers with appropriate animal welfare projects


Who can volunteer with VetMatch?To be eligible for a VetMatch placement, our veterinary volunteers must:

  • have at least two years clinical experience
  • be able to fund their travel and other expenses
  • be able to commit to a placement of at least two weeks’ duration
  • be able to adapt to the demands of working in an unfamiliar setting

(Clinical year students and recent graduates can occasionally be placed in nursing or support roles)


More details on volunteering overseas with Vets Beyond Borders’ VetMatch program can be found here [link to Level 2].