Volunteering in Sardinia an energising experience for vets

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Vets Beyond Borders volunteer Dr Sade Adeleye has been working as a small animal veterinarian in the UK for 10 years and like many other professionals in the field, she reached the point of burnout.

She decided to resign and locum to regain some life/work balance and take some time out for herself, and suddenly came across an opportunity to volunteer for VBB in Sardinia. It turned out to be just what she needed!

Dr Sade said she had looked forward to helping animals in need and meeting new and like-minded people.

“VBB’s VetMatch program in Sardinia was a really nice experience. All the staff at the LIDA Olbia shelter were so friendly. Even though there was a language barrier, we all worked well together,” she said.

“I now feel more energised. It is a great feeling knowing that you have helped a worthy cause and got to operate everyday, which I enjoy. The trip also gave me the boost in confidence I feel I needed. I am feeling more relaxed and positive in general.”

In Sardinia, Dr Sade’s tasks involved neutering cats and dogs, prepping the animals, drawing up drugs, working out drug doses, placing catheters, inducing anaesthesia and more.

“My most memorable experience was just getting to operate everyday. The other volunteer vet I worked with was so nice and we supported each other,” she said. “I was surprised at just how many stray dogs there were and how clean all LIDA’s compounds were.”

Dr Sade recommends other vets to volunteer for Vets Beyond Borders, adding “Communication with VBB staff was really good and helpful. Everything was really organised. The handbook is very thorough as well. I also felt nervous about driving and the accommodation, but it was all fine. All the staff at LIDA were so kind and you can really tell they love what they do.”

We are so happy to hear you feel energised and positive again, Dr Sade! Thank you for volunteering and helping to make a difference for the cats and dogs of Sardinia.