Volunteer Spotlight

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Ariane Jonneret is a volunteer Coordinator for VBB’s VetMatch programs in Europe, currently running only in Sardinia. She’s a geologist and lives in Blonay, Switzerland.

“I work in a very different field, but I have always wanted to do something to contribute to animal welfare and I find volunteering with VBB very fulfilling,” she said. “I believe that sterilisation is the only way to help, in the long run, reducing the number of stray animals and animal suffering on the streets.”

Volunteering for VBB since 2015, Ariane started co-ordinating VBB’s VetMatch program in Sardinia in October 2016.  The idea was to sterilise stray dogs being brought to the shelter and stray cats of nearby colonies. Low income dog owners were also targeted.

Since then she has made six trips to the Italian island first to get the project running with VBB’s partner the LIDA Olbia shelter and then at the start of each campaign to meet the volunteers and ensure the program kicks off smoothly.

“I try to help out with the day-to-day organisation giving tips to the new volunteers which have been learnt during past campaigns,” said Ariane.

VBB currently runs two sterilisation campaigns at LIDA’s shelter each year – in May and October. Each campaign lasts two weeks in which time between 120 to 180 animals are sterilised depending on the number of volunteers, explained Ariane.

Ariane would like to develop other projects in Europe when she has a bit more time, particularly in Eastern Europe.

We love Ariane’s enthusiasm and vision to extend VBB’s helping hand to animals and communities in need. Thanks to our amazing volunteers, we can make this vision a reality.

If you are interested in learning more about our programs, please visit our website and email admin@vetsbeyondborders.org for further information.