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VOLUNTEER for Vets Beyond Borders – LADAKH

If you would like to volunteer for Vets Beyond Borders LADAKH affiliated project please provide as much relevant information as possible.
  • Full Name (as appears on your passport) *
  • Title * MrMrsMsMissOther
  • Professional title (eg., Dr) if any
  • Main Phone Number *
  • Mobile/Cell Phone Number
  • Work Phone Number
  • Passport Number
    (please indicate if you don't have a current passport) *
  • Passport Expiry date
  • Country of Passport Issue
  • What are your preferred dates for volunteering on the Ladakh Program (2 weeks' minimum)? We will do our best to offer you a placement in line with your preference but this may not be possible. *
  • Where did you find out about the VBB and our Ladakh project?
  • About You

  • Your Profession Veterinarian
  • VBB Membership No. or Login Username *
    (please see your member confirmation email, or contact us as all VBB volunteers must also be financial members.)
  • Number, Place and Year of Veterinary Registration *
  • Have you worked on an animal birth control project in a developing country before? * NoYes - please outline below
  • Your previous experience on an ABC project
  • Do you have personal Professional Indemnity Insurance? *YesNo
  • English language skills *
  • Will you have a travelling companion who wishes to visit the project site? * NoYes - Please note that your companion will not be able to visit the project unless they too have full vaccination cover for rabies.
  • Your Referees

    Contact details of 2 veterinary referees including their CORRECT email addresses.

    Please CHECK THE EMAIL ADDRESSES of your referees.

    To ensure timely processing please encourage your referees to respond to our email as soon as possible.

  • Referee 1 Name *
  • Referee 1 Email *
    (please check this email)
  • Referee 2 Name *
  • Referee 2 Email *
    (please check this email)
  • Have you ever been removed from a professional association? * NoYes (please outline or comment below) unless they too have full vaccination cover for rabies.

  • Please also supply any other information VBB should consider when processing your application.
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