Volunteer experiences of a travelling vet nurse

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British veterinary nurse Lucy Taylor loves her job and enjoys travelling – so much so that she’s become a travelling vet nurse and recently spent time in Sardinia as a volunteer for Vets Beyond Borders.

From East Midlands, UK, Lucy has been a vet nurse for four years and enjoys referral work, particularly neurology and internal medicine with a keen interest for emergency and critical care.

“I became a Vets Beyond Borders volunteer because I have a very keen interest for travel and love combining work with travelling. It’s a huge bonus to volunteer and know that you are making a massive difference to these animals that really need you,” said Lucy.

“I really liked the thought of volunteering in Europe as I know first-hand from being a tourist on holiday the problems that surround overpopulation of stray animals in some European countries.”

It was Lucy’s first time to Sardinia – and Italy for that matter – and she looked forward to meeting new people with similar interests, to help and treat the dogs and cats and to further her knowledge and experience. Volunteering at LIDA turned into an journey to remember!

“My overall experience in Sardinia was amazing! The people were friendly and lovely company, the animals were just lovely and I miss the rescue and the city already!” she said.

“I feel a massive sense of accomplishment and pride of knowing how much of a difference we’ve made, with neutering 75 dogs and 47 cats. We can see first-hand how much of an impact it will make for the rescue.”

Lucy’s nursing tasks involved preparing for the day, such as working out/making up medications, intravenous bowls and the anaesthetic equipment. She assisted with pre-medicating and inducing the patients’ anaesthesia and preparing them for surgery. She also monitored some general anaesthetics as well as keeping on top of cleaning and sterilising surgical kits.
“I think my most memorable moment was when we had finished neutering our 100th patient. It really sunk in the difference that the whole team had made!” Lucy said.

Lucy was surprised at how many dogs and cats lived at the rescue.
“Even though there are over 700 dogs and many, many cats, they are all looked after and cared for incredibly by the staff and volunteers at LIDA. It was heart-warming to see and be a part of!” she said.
“I am so glad and grateful that I got the opportunity to do this project, and I would love to return in the future! A massive thank you to the team at Vets Beyond Borders for being so organised and making the experience great. I would definitely recommend this project to other vets and vet nurses! The project, the people, the place and the food are all incredible!”

We thank you too Lucy for all your hard work! We’ll be sure to follow more of your adventures on your Instagram page @thetravellingveterinarynurse