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VetTrain Cambodia

    • Small animal surgery

    • Small animal anaesthesia

    • Small animal medicine


Have your own memorable VetTrain experience:

As part of  the new phase of our successful VetTrain Program, we are seeking expressions of interest from veterinarians and veterinary nurses with post-graduate qualifications and/or teaching experience in one or more of the above disciplines.

At this stage we are seeking general expressions of interest only. Dates will be dependent on trainer availability.

Training is to be held on the premises of a VBB Partner Organisation in Phnom Penh. Class size is anticipated to be eight to ten veterinarians. VetTrain courses are typically of five days’ duration. In this instance, the training team will likely comprise two veterinarians and two veterinary nurses.

VetTrain teaching materials (predominantly PowerPoint and associated notes) will be made available to instructors. Instructors are encouraged to help develop these or utilise their own.

There is limited on-site accommodation, but good guesthouses (approximately AUD 30 per night) are located nearby.

The core aim of VetTrain is to improve the care provided to stray and street-living animals, by promoting  the understanding of clinical principles and refining the skills of local veterinary personnel working with VBB Partner Organisations – animal welfare initiatives that have been assessed by VBB as having the capacity to host VetTrain courses.

VetTrain instructors provide their time and skills as volunteers and fund their own travel and associated expenses. The knowledge and skills that they impart lead to marked and sustained improvement in the  welfare of animals that often have little or no other access to even basic veterinary care.

In providing much needed training and working with committed local personnel, we fully expect that, like previous VetTrain instructors, you will have a richly rewarding experience.

For further information and to register your interest in volunteering with VetTrain Cambodia, please contact: