Vets Beyond Borders SARAH Project Appeal 2018-07-27T19:43:46+10:00

Vets Beyond Borders SARAH Project Appeal

VBB’s Sikkim Anti-Rabies and Animal Health (SARAH) project activities involve canine rabies vaccination, humane dog population control, community education and treatment of sick and injured animals.

In the 2016- 2017 season, the SARAH program desexed approximately 7,083 animals, administered 35,948 doses of Anti-Rabies Vaccine and 290 doses of Distemper vaccine. Hundreds of sick and injured domestic animals and wildlife were also treated and received medical, surgical and hospital care.

There’s still much work to do if dog-mediated human rabies is ever to be eliminated in India. We are calling out for more volunteer vets and vet nurses to support our VBB VetMatch program and assist in this life-saving work. If you would like to volunteer, please email


We also need funds allow us to continue to care for sick and injured street dogs in Sikkim, to purchase medical and surgical supplies, vaccinate street dogs against rabies and run public education programs.

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