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Vets Beyond Borders – Volunteer Reference

Thank you for agreeing to act as a referee for a volunteer applicant.

Under our VetMatch program, VBB is seeking volunteer veterinarians, veterinary nurses and other skilled individuals, able to work as part of a small team comprising local personnel and VBB volunteers, under occasionally testing field conditions.

We must ensure that all volunteers are suitable for the roles for which they have applied to volunteer. We require professionally minded and experienced individuals who will make a meaningful contribution to the work of animal welfare projects.

Your frank and detailed comments would be gratefully received. All information provided will be treated as strictly confidential.

Many thanks for your time and input, Team VBB

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  • CLINICAL ABILITY - Please ignore this section if the applicant is not a veterinarian or veterinary nurse.

  • Surgical or Surgical Nursing Ability *
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  • Time taken to perform a mature dog spey *:
    <15 minutes15-30 minutes> 30 minutes
  • Time taken to perform a mature dog castration *

    <15 minutes15-30 minutes> 30 minutes
  • Please indicate your opinion of the ability of the applicant to respond to surgical complication *

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  • Please provide your opinion of the ability of the applicant to work in an unfamiliar setting and under occasionally testing conditions:
  • Communication & English Language Skills *
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  • Physical Fitness *
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  • Honesty and Reliability *
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  • Tolerance of Other Cultures and Beliefs *
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