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VBB Volunteer FEEDBACK Form

Vets Beyond Borders sincerely thanks you for volunteering your valuable skills and time. Without the support of volunteers like you we cannot continue the valuable work we do.

To continue to attract volunteers to projects and the experience they have is the best we can make it, VBB would appreciate you taking a few moments to complete this feedback form.

Thank you again,
Vets Beyond Borders

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  • How would you describe your interaction with VBB from your first contact or enquiry up, until finishing your time on the project?

  • Was the volunteering experience what you expected, including things such as accommodation, work conditions, professional & personal support?

  • Keeping in mind local factors, how did you find the accommodation & board (food)?

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  • How would you rate the Program's overall standard of clinical work when considering its specific circumstances?

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  • As a volunteer did you feel enough support was provided by the VBB Program Manager and other (experienced) volunteers?

  • Do you feel your volunteer stint was worthwhile, ie., do you feel you had the opportunity to make a valuable contribution to a progressive project?

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