VBB AVERT Volunteer Spotlight – vet nurse Marcie Connor

By | 2020-05-02T18:07:15+10:00 May 2nd, 2020|News|

AVERT volunteer Marcie Connor is a veterinary nurse educator from Victoria who was able to volunteer her time earlier this year to help injured wildlife in the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales.

Being no stranger to the veterinary nursing field, Marcie knew from experience that nothing compares to the feeling of helping animals in need.

“Contributing to the survival of the precious creatures who have suffered in the bushfires has moved and fulfilled me in ways I cannot possibly convey,” she said.

However, during her time at the LAOKO triage site, Marcie did not expect the impact the volunteer experience would have on her.

She said, “What I underestimated was the mark that the triage centre and the people I have worked alongside would leave on my heart – other vet nurses, vets, carers, darters, builders, conservationists and support personnel from all walks of life. We came together as strangers with a simple aligned vision of compassion for those in need. I leave as part of a community, a network, a family.”

At the LAOKO triage site, Marcie had her hands full caring for a wide range of injured wildlife species; from koalas, wombats, kangaroos to kookaburras and blue tongues.

“The skill set we have as veterinary nurses provides us with both a phenomenal responsibility and unlimited opportunity,” said Marcie. “Responding to the call to utilise these skills by coming to the aide of others, both animal and human, is a priceless gift.”

Volunteers like you, Marcie, are also priceless. Thank you for helping wildlife in their hour of need.