Vale Maryann, 13 April 2020

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Maryann Dalton was appointed CEO of Vets Beyond Borders in 2014, having previously held a similar position with the Animal Welfare League in NSW.

Under her guidance, VBB developed and expanded its operations. In a prescient move, in 2015 Maryann devised the Australian Veterinary Emergency Response Team (AVERT) program, under which veterinarians and veterinary nurses were invited to register interest in volunteering to assist in animal welfare efforts following natural disaster or outbreak of exotic disease within Australia.

The importance of the AVERT program was evident from the onset of the catastrophic bushfires earlier this year. During this time, Maryann directed the dispatch of veterinary volunteers to support the work of governments and wildlife groups in affected states.  VBB’s AVERT volunteers continue to provide essential veterinary care to animals injured in the fires.

Maryann was a no-nonsense and effective communicator, with a passion for improving the lot of animals, and was highly respected by her colleagues.  The animal welfare community in Australia and overseas is poorer for her passing. She will be sorely missed.