The Halfway Mark – 2019 We are now halfway through the year and we need more help!

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Vets Beyond Borders operates across the world with Partner Organisations on various animal health and community awareness programs where they are desperately needed, and which have a direct influence on animal and human health.

As part of VBB’s VetMatch program, volunteers travel to countries like Sardinia to support sterilisation campaigns and Botswana to help the Maun Animal Welfare Society (MAWS) protect their wildlife through domestic animal care, sterilising and vaccinating thousands of dogs to reduce breeding and disease.

VBB’s experienced VetTrain volunteers provide clinical training in Cambodia to vets who are working with local animal welfare organisations. Also, as part of a new partnership with The University of Sydney, VBB vet students head to Cambodia to assist vets on cases, administer treatment drugs and provide supportive care to animals in need.

VBB volunteers also heavily contribute to rabies control and public education in India, which carries a third of the world’s rabies burden. Without treatment, the disease is 100% fatal and how well the animal bite is managed is crucial in preventing disease and death.

The Sikkim Anti-Rabies and Animal Health (SARAH) program was created 13 years ago as a collaboration between the Government of Sikkim, VBB and Fondation Brigitte Bardot. It is the first state-wide rabies program in India and demonstrates a successful One Health model of dog-mediated rabies elimination.

SARAH program activities involve canine rabies vaccination, humane dog population control, community education and medical and surgical treatment of sick and injured domestic animals and wildlife, such as snow leopards.

In the 2016 – 2017 season, the SARAH program desexed approximately 7,083 animals and administered 35,948 doses of Anti-Rabies Vaccine, not to mention 290 doses of Distemper vaccine.

In 2018-2019 (year ending 31 March 2019), the team desexed 9,203 animals and administered 40,046 doses of Anti-Rabies Vaccine. That shows a 29.9% increase in desexing surgeries and 13.9% in vaccinations in two years!

This past year, the SARAH program also rescued 106 animals, arranged the adoption of 38 dogs, did 189 major surgeries that weren’t desexings (eg amputation, abdominal surgeries, ocular surgeries, caesarians), had 660 hospital patients for medical problems and did 914 medical consultations for sick animals.

We are now halfway through the year and we continue to need more help! There’s still more work to do if we are ever to eliminate dog-mediated human rabies in India. We call out for more volunteer vets and vet nurses to support VBB VetMatch and VetTrain programs.

We also need more medical and surgical supplies for treatment of street dogs, food and bedding for sick and injured street dogs, and money to vaccinate street dogs for distemper, parvo and rabies, as well as to run public education programs.

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