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Where Your Money Goes

We are well aware that Vets Beyond Borders is only one of many animal charities that are seeking your generous assistance. Once you make the decision to donate to charity, deciding which one to support can be a mesmerising task.

In making such a decision, it is important to know whether your donation will actually help animals directly.

VBB does not use donations to cover executive salaries. Other than two part-time staff members, all VBB personnel are unpaid and dedicated to helping us achieve our aims.

VBB deploys volunteer vets and vet nurses to provide care to homeless animals around the world. The work of our volunteers leads to measurable improvements in the welfare of these animals and the health of local communities.

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We also provide formal training to enhance and refine the clinical skills of overseas vets, vet nurses and animal handlers working with homeless animals.

In Australia, working in collaboration with governments and local authorities, our volunteers stand ready to provide urgent veterinary assistance to livestock, pets and wildlife, following natural disaster or outbreak of emergency disease.
Whenever possible, our animal volunteers take urgent veterinary supplies to help them provide the best possible treatment for animals in their care.

If you choose to donate to Vets Beyond Borders, you can do so with the confidence of knowing that your donation will be used carefully and efficiently, and will directly reduce the suffering of animals in greatest need.

Please visit our SHOP for details of the direct benefits that your donation will provide.