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The VetTrain Program was launched by Vets Beyond Borders in 2009, in collaboration with the Animal Welfare Board of India and the Ministry of Environment & Forests (Government of India), to provide clinical training to veterinary personnel working with animal birth control and anti-rabies (ABC-AR) projects in India. Since that time, hundreds of veterinarians, veterinary nurses and humane animal handlers have completed VetTrain courses in India and several other countries in the region.

The VetTrain model is now widely respected and acknowledged as being the most successful training initiative of its kind in India. VBB is delighted that the format has been adopted by other organisations active in India and is now seeking to broaden the scope of VetTrain, so that VBB is positioned to offer training in a range of clinical topics of relevance to veterinary personnel working with animal welfare projects around the globe.

A new and exciting phase of VetTrain has commenced:

With the support of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists, VBB has established a pool of volunteer trainers: veterinary specialists, veterinarians with other relevant post-graduate qualifications and highly credentialed veterinary nurses willing to travel to animal welfare projects run by VetTrain-registered Partner Organisations around the world, to deliver VetTrain courses to veterinarians and veterinary nurses working with these projects. We are delighted to continue to accept expressions of interest from veterinarians, with appropriate post-graduate training and experience, who are considering joining the VetTrain “faculty”.

VetTrain now offers clinically focused courses in a range of disciplines, including surgery, internal medicine, dermatology and diagnostic imaging, to name a few. It has been designed to deliver much-needed training to improve the health and welfare of animals in developing communities, which typically only have access to very basic veterinary care.

Using our register of Affiliated Animal Welfare Organisations, and with the support of the Commonwealth Veterinary Association and the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists, these courses are available, free of charge, to personnel working with animal welfare groups in locations where veterinarians and allied personnel have little or no access to continuing professional development programs.

When funds or material donations allow, VBB endeavours to assist in the supply of desperately needed clinical materials and equipment to VBB-Affiliated Organisations.

If you have post-graduate qualifications or training, or experience in clinical teaching,  and are interested in volunteering as a VetTrain instructor, we would be delighted to hear from you.  Please contact:

VetTrain Cambodia

The response to the call for expressions of interest in assisting with delivery of a VetTrain course in Cambodia later this year was very positive. The training team has now been appointed. We would like to express our sincere thanks to all veterinarians who contacted us.

As VetTrain continues to be rolled out, there will be more opportunities to participate as a VetTrain instructor – please keep an eye on our website over coming months.

Animal welfare groups seeking the assistance of VBB’s highly qualified VETTRAIN instructors should follow this link:

Apply for assistance under VetTrain