Our heartfelt thanks to VBB’s long term friend and colleague – Caroline Zambrano

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Caroline, Founder and Director of Pet Journo, first worked with VBB in 2013 before joining us as VBB’s Marketing and Social Media Coordinator. Her contributions have helped spread awareness of VBB’s mission to create a world of better health for animals and people.

“VBB has grown so much over the years thanks to new partner organisations, volunteers and supporters. Particularly during the Australian bushfire crisis, VBB showed strength through caring and very hard-working volunteers. I always remember what Helen Keller said, ‘alone we can do so little; together we can do so much’. That’s VBB’s story.”

During the bushfire crisis, Caroline spent time with VBB’s AVERT volunteers who had been deployed to fire-ravaged areas. “Collecting their stories of shocking heartbreak and hope in saving as many wildlife as they could… [it] left me in awe and filled me with pride to be a part of such an important wildlife rescue mission”.

Caroline has an interest in animal welfare and a passion to tell animal-related stories. She says VBB opened her eyes to animal welfare issues in developing communities. One of her most favourite interviews was with Dr Alan Sherlock who had returned from Sikkim, India, and celebrated his 10th year of volunteering with VBB:

“I enjoyed discussing animal welfare issues impacting the region and hearing about his experiences as a volunteer, from performing desexing surgeries in field camps and training veterinary staff, to treating a snow leopard at the Gangtok Zoo, or performing surgery on a cow in the middle of a field. I remember he said one of the things he loves about India is, if you don’t have the correct facilities, you just make them as best you can with what is available.”

Caroline reflected on the shared vision of helping animals which brings people together:

I have met many wonderful volunteers from around the world who love what they do, want to make the world a better place and inspire others to make a difference. I think it’s pretty special how VBB brings volunteers of different nationalities, cultures, and languages together to make a positive change.

VBB plays a vital role in improving animal welfare in the world today and I feel it’s only just the beginning.”

Well if you ask us, we think you are pretty special too Caroline, and you inspire us to keep making a difference. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

To see more of Caroline’s work head to https://www.petjournalist.com.au/