Winter Report from Beth Mc Gennisken

By | 2017-10-26T01:38:02+00:00 April 4th, 2008|News|

The Ladakh Animal Care Society in association with Vets Beyond Borders and Fondation Brigitte Bardot has sterilised over 1500 street dogs in the Leh region in the summers of 2006/07. For the first time the LACS animal shelter at Saboo has been open over the winter months with the aim of housing and feeding starving or injured street dogs. Leh reaches temperatures of minus 10 to 20 c over night and many rivers and roads are frozen over. The purpose of the visit to Leh was to assess if it is of benefit for the shelter to be open during winter, assist with treatments of inpatients, continue training of the staff, and to observe the general state of Leh street dogs.

Many Ladahki locals were questioned about the dog situation and all commented that there were now less dogs and that the general condition of the dogs had improved. The ABC (animal birth control) programme is clearly having a great impact in Leh.

The LACS animal shelter provides an important service to the animals of Leh over winter. Without LACS the majority of the current shelter dogs and many puppies would die during the winter months. Keeping the shelter open over winter ensures a continuity of care for the street dogs and also serves to raise awareness amongst the human population that all animals are important and deserve to be cared for.

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