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Vet Nurse Volunteer Experience in Sardinia

Helen Spry moved to country NSW from Tasmania where she worked for 35 years as a veterinary nurse in Emergency and Critical Care and Equine Reproduction at an afterhours clinic. Since moving to a small town, veterinary nursing work has been unavailable to Helen locally, but this hasn’t stop her from caring for animals in need. “Veterinary nursing is my passion and I have embarked on volunteer work with Vets Beyond Borders and other organisations, travelling to various parts of the world to share my experience and help others less fortunate,” she said. Helen took her first VBB VetMatch volunteer trip to Sardinia last month and had an inspirational experience that broadened her horizons and helped her see how lucky we all are in a country like Australia, she said. “I enjoyed meeting the local residents, making new friends and connections and most of all helping VBB to make a

Volunteer Spotlight

Ariane Jonneret is a volunteer Coordinator for VBB’s VetMatch programs in Europe, currently running only in Sardinia. She’s a geologist and lives in Blonay, Switzerland. “I work in a very different field, but I have always wanted to do something to contribute to animal welfare and I find volunteering with VBB very fulfilling,” she said. “I believe that sterilisation is the only way to help, in the long run, reducing the number of stray animals and animal suffering on the streets.” Volunteering for VBB since 2015, Ariane started co-ordinating VBB’s VetMatch program in Sardinia in October 2016.  The idea was to sterilise stray dogs being brought to the shelter and stray cats of nearby colonies. Low income dog owners were also targeted. Since then she has made six trips to the Italian island first to get the project running with VBB’s partner the LIDA Olbia shelter and then at the start

Thank you to volunteers and financial supporters

It’s National Volunteer Week (20 – 26 May) in Australia and Vets Beyond Borders would like to celebrate and acknowledge the generous contribution of our volunteers and financial supporters to the health of animals and communities around the world. Volunteering Australia’s National Volunteer Week 2019 theme is “Making a world of difference”. Our VBB family has certainly done that and more! On behalf of VBB, Director and volunteer Dr David Gray said, “To all of our most generous volunteers, thank you so much for volunteering your time and your dedication to animal welfare work on the projects. A big thank you also to those people working permanently on the projects for their hospitality towards volunteers and making them feel most welcome.” VBB also thanks supporters for their generous donations of funds, equipment and other veterinary supplies for our project locations. “Donations are critical to the work that volunteers do on the projects.

News from Sardinia

International VBB volunteers have come together on the Italian island of Sardinia to help partner LIDA Olbia shelter on its bi-annual sterilisation campaign. News is, it’s all going purrfectly thanks to a wonderful team! This year’s volunteers are like ‘United Nations’ - VBB Europe Coordinator Ariane Jonneret is from Switzerland, LIDA Coordinator Ulla Korterman is from the UK, veterinarian Dr Tereza Schiffnederova hails from Czechoslovakia and vet nurse Helen Spry and veterinarian Dr Candace Russo come from Australia. VBB runs two sterilisation campaigns at LIDA’s shelter per year – in May and October. Each neutering campaign lasts two weeks and usually between 120 to 180 animals are sterilised depending on the numbers of volunteers, explained Ariane. “This time, there are a lot of female dogs to sterilise. We also anticipate fewer dogs and cats to be neutered,” she said. We’ll get the lowdown of the May sterilisation campaign when it