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Visit to Ladakh inspires support for Vets Beyond Borders

Earlier this year, Australian literary agent Margaret Gee travelled to Ladakh, in north-east India, to volunteer with the U.S Snow Leopard Conservancy. She returned home to Sydney just before the COVID19 outbreak, feeling lucky to have seen the elusive

Celebrating National Volunteer Week 2020

National Volunteer Week 2020 means it's time to celebrate our Volunteer Heroes! In these uncertain times, it's more important than ever to recognise and acknowledge our volunteers who have truly made a difference for communities and animals in need.

AVERT volunteer helping with wildlife rehabilitation

VBB AVERT volunteer Fran Wilcox has had a busy start to the year, assisting veterinary teams at Adelaide Koala Rescue (AKR) in South Australia, followed by placements at two triage sites operating on the south coast of New South

VBB AVERT Volunteer Spotlight – vet nurse Marcie Connor

AVERT volunteer Marcie Connor is a veterinary nurse educator from Victoria who was able to volunteer her time earlier this year to help injured wildlife in the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales. Being no stranger to the veterinary

VBB AVERT COVID19 Heroes: Thank you to everyone who helped!

The COVID19 pandemic has hindered the interstate deployment of several AVERT volunteers hoping to assist with wildlife care and treatment in wildlife triage centres. However, this did not stop AVERT volunteer vet nurse Casey Woodward of Victoria lending a

Vale Maryann, 13 April 2020

Maryann Dalton was appointed CEO of Vets Beyond Borders in 2014, having previously held a similar position with the Animal Welfare League in NSW. Under her guidance, VBB developed and expanded its operations. In a prescient move, in 2015

VBB SARAH program continues to make a difference in India

VBB lifelong member veterinarian Dr Alan Sherlock recently returned from his 11th annual volunteer trip to Sikkim, India – a land of breathtaking Himalayan scenery that he’s beginning to think of as his second home – and nearly became

CEO’s message April 2020

CEO’s message to all our donors, volunteers and supporters  Welcome to our April Newsletter It has been a very challenging quarter for us all – the immense destruction reaped by the Australian bushfires, now dwarfed, in many respects, by

Welcome to VBB’s new CEO Dr Sally Colgan

Veterinarian Dr Sally Colgan joined Vets Beyond Borders as a Director in 2019 and accepted the role of Chief Executive Officer in March 2020. A graduate of the University of Sydney in 1990, she subsequently completed an Internship in

Welcome to new VBB Directors and team members

Vets Beyond Borders has experienced a lot of changes over the past few months as we welcome and farewell members of the Board and team. Maryann Dalton has stepped down from her role as CEO after almost six years

Australian wildlife has ongoing need for veterinary volunteers

Bushfires in all affected states have been extinguished, but there is an ongoing need to provide veterinary care to large numbers of affected animals, especially wildlife, according to Australia-based international animal charity, Vets Beyond Borders (VBB). VBB’s Australian Veterinary

Vets Beyond Borders’ VetTrain Volunteers India-bound

Vets Beyond Borders’ VetTrain volunteer instructors, Dr Natasha Lees and Dr Mark Booth, are travelling to India to present at an International Workshop on advances in diagnosis and treatment of ruminal disorders of cattle at the end of the

VBB AVERT volunteer experience eye-opening

VBB AVERT vet nurse Makayla Iannuzzo of Melbourne VIC shared her volunteer experience at the Wandandian Kangaroo and Wallaby Sanctuary on NSW’s South Coast – an experience she will never forget, she told us. “Volunteering to help animals in

AVERT volunteer vet nurse helps injured wildlife

AVERT volunteer vet nurse Candice (aka Cat) Drew travelled to NSW’s South Coast from Melbourne to help out at the Wandandian Kangaroo and Wallaby Sanctuary, run by Wildlife Rescue South Coast Inc. “I would’ve paid for my own flights if

VBB partners with Blue ARC

Vets Beyond Borders' AVERT (Australian Veterinary Emergency Response Team) program has partnered with Blue ARC - Animal Ready Community to share important messages on pet evacuation, first aid and resources for emergency preparedness. Vets Beyond Borders is an Australian-based international

Volunteer experiences of a travelling vet nurse

British veterinary nurse Lucy Taylor loves her job and enjoys travelling – so much so that she’s become a travelling vet nurse and recently spent time in Sardinia as a volunteer for Vets Beyond Borders.From East Midlands, UK, Lucy has

Thank you to our volunteers on Vet Nurse Day

October 11 is Vet Nurse Day, a special day to acknowledge the important and valuable role vet nurses play within the veterinary medical team! Vets Beyond Borders thanks all our veterinary nurse volunteers who assist volunteer veterinarians and local

VBB offers veterinary student volunteers valuable experience

Sydney University veterinary student Ivan Duong has always had a strong interest in helping underserved animals and their communities and yearns to begin his career in shelter medicine. Naturally, when the option of volunteering for Vets Beyond Borders in Cambodia

Progress in animal birth control and anti-rabies programs in India

Vets Beyond Borders has been running Animal Birth Control and Anti-Rabies (ABC-AR) programs in India for nearly 15 years in collaboration with local stakeholders and supported by Fondation Brigitte Bardot. Having seen the benefits of the Sikkim Anti-Rabies and Animal

Australian vet celebrates 10 years volunteering for VBB!

They say you’ll become busier after retirement and this is certainly true for Australian veterinarian Dr Alan Sherlock, who recently celebrated his 72nd birthday and 10th annual, 6-8 weeks, volunteer trip to Sikkim, India. Dr Alan retired earlier this

Volunteering for VBB’s SARAH program

British veterinary nurse Helena Coaley has volunteered her time and veterinary skills around the world with one goal in mind - to promote the welfare of animals. Two years ago, she travelled to Sikkim, India, to volunteer in the Sikkim

An inspiring vet nurse volunteer experience in Cambodia

Vets Beyond Borders member Kate Taylor, a vet nurse and dog trainer from Queensland, went on her first volunteer mission to Cambodia last month and returned with a big smile and wonderful, inspiring stories to share! “Uplifting would be the

Vet Nurse Volunteer Experience in Sardinia

Helen Spry moved to country NSW from Tasmania where she worked for 35 years as a veterinary nurse in Emergency and Critical Care and Equine Reproduction at an afterhours clinic. Since moving to a small town, veterinary nursing work has

Volunteer Spotlight

Ariane Jonneret is a volunteer Coordinator for VBB’s VetMatch programs in Europe, currently running only in Sardinia. She’s a geologist and lives in Blonay, Switzerland. “I work in a very different field, but I have always wanted to do something

Thank you to volunteers and financial supporters

It’s National Volunteer Week (20 – 26 May) in Australia and Vets Beyond Borders would like to celebrate and acknowledge the generous contribution of our volunteers and financial supporters to the health of animals and communities around the world. Volunteering Australia’s

News from Sardinia

International VBB volunteers have come together on the Italian island of Sardinia to help partner LIDA Olbia shelter on its bi-annual sterilisation campaign. News is, it’s all going purrfectly thanks to a wonderful team! This year’s volunteers are like ‘United

Volunteer Spotlight!

VBB member Dr Charlie Blackwood from Warrnambool Veterinary Clinic, based in the Port Fairy branch in Victoria, has recently added ‘VetMatch Cambodia’ to his 35 years of experience as a mixed animal veterinarian. Dr Charlie first volunteered for VBB six

Volunteering in Cambodia

VBB member Kate Taylor is a veterinary nurse and dog trainer from Queensland and can’t wait for her first volunteer mission in Cambodia next month!  Kate works as a relief vet nurse at Palmwoods Veterinary Clinic and a dog trainer

Dr Pete getting the snip for VBB!

VBB volunteer Dr Peter Van Orsouw from Belgrave South Veterinary Clinic (VIC) says it’s time for it to go – his hair that is! – all for worthy causes. Dr Pete has been growing a luxurious mane of hair (like

Education about dog bites key in rabies prevention

In the lead up to Dog Bite Prevention Week (April 7 – 13) and World Health Day on April 7th, Vets Beyond Borders is raising awareness about rabies prevention in countries where dog bites lead to thousands of human deaths

VetTrain Cambodia hits the ground running

Thursday 8th November 2018 Vets Beyond Borders’ VetTrain program enters an exciting new phase: From the 5th until the 16th November, a team of VBB volunteer veterinarians are in Phnom Penh, providing clinical training to veterinarians working with Cambodian animal

June 2018 Newsletter

VBB News June 2018 CEO's Message It’s hard to believe that we are already halfway through another busy year!  After seven hard-working years as Operations Manager of VBB, we farewell Mandy Lamkin who has retired. We thank Mandy for her