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VetTrain Cambodia hits the ground running

Thursday 8th November 2018 Vets Beyond Borders’ VetTrain program enters an exciting new phase: From the 5th until the 16th November, a team of VBB volunteer veterinarians are in Phnom Penh, providing clinical training to veterinarians working with Cambodian animal welfare organisations. VetTrain launched in 2009, with the initial purpose of providing clinical training to veterinary personnel working with animal birth control and anti-rabies projects in India. Today, the program also offers training in other clinical disciplines to allow appropriate treatment of the myriad of diseases and injuries that afflict animals struggling for survival on the streets of towns and cities around the world. For more information on VetTrain, please visit our VetTrain webpage. VBB’s team of volunteer veterinarians will be in Phnom Penh for two weeks, providing instruction on clinical techniques in aspects of small animal anaesthesia, surgery, internal medicine and diagnostic imaging to local veterinarians working to improve the

Australian animal charity shares a vital message on World Rabies Day

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 18 Sept 2018 Australian animal charity shares a vital message on World Rabies Day Dog-mediated virus 99% fatal, 100% preventable World Rabies Day is on September 28 and Australian-based international animal charity Vets Beyond Borders is embracing this year’s awareness theme by bringing this deadly dog-mediated disease to Australia’s attention. “Rabies kills thousands of people around the world every year. It is nearly always fatal - only a few people in the world have survived treatment. But it’s 100 per cent preventable by vaccination,” said Maryann Dalton, CEO of Vets Beyond Borders (VBB). Rabies infection is caused by the rabies virus, which is spread through the saliva of infected animals by biting another animal or a person, and it is always fatal once clinical symptoms appear. Australia is free of rabies, but tragically the virus kills approximately 59,000 people every year – 40 per cent children in Asia

June 2018 Newsletter

VBB News June 2018 CEO's Message It’s hard to believe that we are already halfway through another busy year!  After seven hard-working years as Operations Manager of VBB, we farewell Mandy Lamkin who has retired. We thank Mandy for her enthusiasm and dedication to the organisation in making a difference for people and animals across the globe.     As we welcome three new directors to our Board, Dr Robert Johnson, Dr Hugh Millar and Denzil O’Brien, we also farewell Dr Andrea Britton and thank her for her tireless contribution to the Board in recent years.   We also welcome our new Administration and Membership Officer Kate Neal and Caroline Zambrano, the Social Media and Marketing Co-ordinator. Together we met with the Board in Sydney to work on the strategic plan and to prepare for another exciting year ahead for VBB!    I encourage you to contact both Kate and Caroline

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