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Thank you to our volunteers on Vet Nurse Day

October 11 is Vet Nurse Day, a special day to acknowledge the important and valuable role vet nurses play within the veterinary medical team! Vets Beyond Borders thanks all our veterinary nurse volunteers who assist volunteer veterinarians and local

VBB offers veterinary student volunteers valuable experience

Sydney University veterinary student Ivan Duong has always had a strong interest in helping underserved animals and their communities and yearns to begin his career in shelter medicine. Naturally, when the option of volunteering for Vets Beyond Borders in Cambodia

Progress in animal birth control and anti-rabies programs in India

Vets Beyond Borders has been running Animal Birth Control and Anti-Rabies (ABC-AR) programs in India for nearly 15 years in collaboration with local stakeholders and supported by Fondation Brigitte Bardot. Having seen the benefits of the Sikkim Anti-Rabies and Animal

Australian vet celebrates 10 years volunteering for VBB!

They say you’ll become busier after retirement and this is certainly true for Australian veterinarian Dr Alan Sherlock, who recently celebrated his 72nd birthday and 10th annual, 6-8 weeks, volunteer trip to Sikkim, India. Dr Alan retired earlier this

Volunteering for VBB’s SARAH program

British veterinary nurse Helena Coaley has volunteered her time and veterinary skills around the world with one goal in mind - to promote the welfare of animals. Two years ago, she travelled to Sikkim, India, to volunteer in the Sikkim

An inspiring vet nurse volunteer experience in Cambodia

Vets Beyond Borders member Kate Taylor, a vet nurse and dog trainer from Queensland, went on her first volunteer mission to Cambodia last month and returned with a big smile and wonderful, inspiring stories to share! “Uplifting would be the

Vet Nurse Volunteer Experience in Sardinia

Helen Spry moved to country NSW from Tasmania where she worked for 35 years as a veterinary nurse in Emergency and Critical Care and Equine Reproduction at an afterhours clinic. Since moving to a small town, veterinary nursing work has

Volunteer Spotlight

Ariane Jonneret is a volunteer Coordinator for VBB’s VetMatch programs in Europe, currently running only in Sardinia. She’s a geologist and lives in Blonay, Switzerland. “I work in a very different field, but I have always wanted to do something

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