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Our achievements – thus far . . .

Since its inception, VetsBeyond Borders has gained worldwide respect as one of the best animal charities, as a result of its innovative and effective programs, improving the health and welfare of animals in regions with little or no other access to veterinary care and leading to a range of health benefits for local communities, especially children.

As a result of the work of our volunteers, our projects have:

  • Sterilised more than 40,000 street and stray dogs;
  • Vaccinated over 145,000 animals, especially dogs, against rabies;
  • Provided essential and often life-saving care to many thousands of stray animals;
  • Delivered free training to hundreds of overseas vets, vet nurses and allied clinical staff striving to reduce the suffering of homeless animals, especially in India and the Asia-Pacific region;
  • Provided community education classes, especially at school level, emphasising the importance of compassion towards all animals, increasing awareness of how to minimise risks posed by diseases such as rabies and encouraging schools to sponsor an animal.

With our our new programs and ever-growing community of extraordinary volunteers, our ability to make sustained improvements in animal welfare and community health has increased greatly over the years; however, there is a sharply rising demand for our assistance in developing communities around the world, where effective veterinary care is rarely available – especially to homeless animals.

Please help us help them



Establishment of Sikkim Anti-Rabies & Animal Health (SARAH) Program in India, to demonstrate the effectiveness and sustainability of a well-organised state-wide animal welfare initiative.


The SARAH Program becomes the first ever animal-welfare project to become part of a state government Animal Husbandry Department in India and a model for effective, large-scale animal birth control and anti-rabies projects.


Launch of VetTrain: the first program of its kind, providing clinical training to veterinary personnel struggling to provide even basic care to homeless animals. Since that time, hundreds of veterinarians, veterinary nurses and humane animal handlers have completed our courses in India and several other countries in the region.


Launch of VetMatch: deploying our skilled animal volunteer vets and vet nurses to assist animal welfare efforts around the world.


Launch of the Australian Veterinary Emergency Response Team (AVERT): VBB’s national database of appropriately trained and experienced volunteer veterinarians, veterinary nurses and allied personnel, to be deployed to assist state and territory emergency response staff in the event of natural disaster or emergency animal disease (EAD) outbreak in Australia.