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Commonwealth Veterinary Association

The Commonwealth Veterinary Association (CVA) was founded in 1967. Membership is open to National Veterinary Associations of Commonwealth member countries. Currently the CVA has 54 full members with each member association being represented on a Regional Council by a Councillor elected by the member association. Other non-Commonwealth countries are in the process of seeking associate membership. There are six regions representing Asia, Australasia/Oceania, Canada/Caribbean, East, Central and Southern Africa, West Africa and UK/ Mediterranean. Each Regional Council elects for a four-year term, a Regional Representative who becomes a member of Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is responsible for running the affairs of the Association. As well as the six Regional Representatives there are also a Past-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Program Director and an Editor JCVA, under the Chairmanship of the President.

VBB and the CVA are signatories to a memorandum of understanding which allows the two organisations to collaborate in animal welfare initiatives in Commonwealth countries around the world.

More information about the CVA can be found on their website: www.

Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists

The Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists is a valued supporter of VBB’s VetTrain Program.

Fellows and Members of the College are veterinarians that have attained post-graduate qualifications in one or more of a range of disciplines. In volunteering with VetTrain, they bring invaluable skills and experience which allow VBB to continue to provide high quality training, covering clinical topics of direct relevance, and delivered free of charge,  to veterinary personnel striving to improve the care provided to homeless animals and in developing communities.

The College kindly notifies its Fellows and Members of opportunities to volunteer as VetTrain instructors and make a significant contribution to VBB’s longterm commitment to refine and develop the skills of veterinarians and veterinary nurses working with animal welfare projects around the world.

VBB extends its sincere thanks to the College for its generous assistance.

VBB Student Chapters

Our University Chapters play an essential role, increasing awareness about our activities amongst the next generation of veterinarians and promoting the opportunities for veterinary students to volunteer with our Partner Organisations in Australia and overseas.

Our student volunteers perform important work, delivering public awareness classes to schools and community groups. These sessions emphasise the importance of kindness to animals and the fundamental connection between animal health and community health. This is of special significance in areas where rabies is endemic.

Their enthusiastic, and often energetic, fundraising efforts are also greatly appreciated!