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Vets Beyond Borders

A world of better health for animals and people

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An Australian Animal Charity Helping Animals and Communities

Vets Beyond Borders is an animal charity which deploys volunteer vets,  vet nurses and other animal welfare workers to help improve the lives of animals and developing communities around the world.

We prioritise provision of care to homeless animals and those with little or no other access to veterinary care. Our volunteers provide desperately needed veterinary treatment and are actively involved in efforts to humanely control the population of homeless dogs and cats by surgical sterilisation (animal birth control surgery).

In countries where rabies is an ever-present threat to humans and animals, VBB volunteers work tirelessly with animal birth control and anti-rabies immunisation (ABC-AR) projects, dramatically increasing the number of animals that receive such care and reducing the risks of spread of this dreadful, but entirely preventable, disease.

We deliver clinical training courses for personnel working with animal welfare projects overseas and community/school education classes to increase awareness of the importance of kindness to animals.

Across Australia, VBB volunteers stand ready to deliver prompt treatment to animals affected by natural disaster or outbreak of exotic disease.

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VBB is an animal welfare charity totally dedicated to the provision of quality veterinary care to fellow creatures struggling to survive in so many parts of the world. VBB is immensely proud of  its volunteer community of veterinarians and veterinary nurses, who go about their work quietly and selflessly – and to great effect.

Animal welfare challenges as COVID-19 spreads around the world

It has been a very challenging quarter for us all – the immense destruction reaped by the Australian bushfires, now dwarfed in many respects, by the global COVID-19 crisis which continues to impact the world.

Whilst unprecedented steps are being taken to control the global COVID-19 outbreak, we must not forget that some of these measures are having major impacts on the welfare of animals worldwide.

As with the bushfires in Australia, the COVID-19 pandemic has left animals hungry. In many countries around the world, tourism and associated industries, especially restaurants and food stores, generate food scraps that are the basic staple of street-dwelling animals such as dogs, cows and donkeys. Without this food source, these animals are at risk of starvation.

Vets Beyond Borders are committed to the ongoing support of our Partner Organisations around the world and we encourage them to continue to provide food and essential veterinary care to animals in need during this ongoing crisis.

During times of stress, we need to remain vigilant and active as best we can so that animals in need do not suffer. Whilst we are not sending people around the globe, we are in touch with our partners and getting ready to resume our field work and vet training when the world recovers from this difficult time.

VBB extends heartfelt thanks to all its volunteers, members and donors for their ongoing support in these difficult times.  Without your donations and the time our amazing volunteers have given, the care we and our Partner Organisations provide to animals around the world, could not continue.


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How We Help Animals in Need

Through delivery of our programs, VBB makes meaningful and sustained improvements to the lives of animals – as well the communities of which they are part.

As a caring Animal Charity, we run a range of programs to improve animal welfare around the world.


Placing our experienced veterinary volunteers with approved animal welfare projects around the world.


Our highly qualified volunteer instructors delivering clinical training to enhance the skills of veterinarians and other personnel working with animal welfare projects overseas.


Volunteer vets caring for animals affected by emergencies and natural disasters in Australia

Community Awareness

Increasing understanding of the fundamental association between the welfare of animals and the welfare of humans, and emphasising the importance of kindness towards animals.

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