Organisations Directory

There are many opportunities for volunteer veterinarians, vet nurses and other motivated people to work for veterinary NGOs throughout the Asia Pacific region, delivering projects to improve animal welfare and community health.

Vets Beyond Borders endeavours to assist other similar organisations where possible with advice, training, the sharing of resources and the referral of volunteers. The organisations listed in this directory are separate to Vets Beyond Borders. 

If you are interested in working on any of these projects you will need to contact them directly. Vets Beyond Borders will assist where possible but is not directly responsible for the management or running of the following organisations or the placement of volunteers within them.

Any specific enquiries about a particular project should be directed to the organisation that runs it by the listed contact details.

 If you are an organisation that would like to be included in this directory please contact Vets Beyond Borders at

Tsunami Animal People Alliance-Sri Lanka

The Tsunami Animal People Alliance was established in 2005 in response to the Tsunami in Sri Lanka with the intention of providing veterinary care and animal rescue to Tsunami affected areas. While the devastation brought by the tsunami is no longer front page news, the recovery process will take years. The non-profit Tsunami Animal-People Alliance is dedicated to reducing rabies and dog bites in the disaster zone and refugee settlements of Sri Lanka by the combination of vaccination and sterilisation.


Bali Animal Welfare Association- Bali, Indonesia

The Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA) is a not-for-profit charity registered in Indonesia. Its mandate is to relieve suffering, control the population and improve the health of Bali's street dogs while educating the local population in animal welfare.

BAWA supports a fully staffed clinic near Ubud, a 24 hour animal ambulance, a mobile sterilization clinic, an education program, a puppy adoption program, plus a continually expanding range of community programs.

BAWA is funded by individual donors and the Bali Street Dog Fund Australia but urgently seeks support for its many programs.

Pha Ngan Animal Care - Thailand

PAC runs a veterinary nursing clinic on the island of Koh PhaNgan that provides basic health care and emergency treatment for all the animals of the island. The organisation also runs a trap, neuter release programme for strays and a public education programme.

The Esther Honey Foundation  -Cook Islands

 EHF works to bring compassionate and affordable veterinary services to South Pacific island companion animals in need.

EHF improves the health conditions and quality of life for these animals by developing the partnership programs, raising the funds and recruiting the volunteers necessary to fulfill the Foundation’s mission.

 Visakha SPCA - India

 A comprehensive animal sanctuary of over 800 rescued animals with animal birth controls for street dogs and cats and humane education and rescue over a large area of our province of Andhra Pradesh, India.


 Animal Nepal believes that through awareness-raising and practical interventions, widespread animal cruelty can be gradually reduced, and that Nepal can ultimately become a model country for animal welfare in the region.

Animal Protection Society - Samoa

The Animal Protection Society (APS) is a non-profit organisation established to improve the welfare of companion animals in Samoa, particularly dogs and cats.

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Darjeeling Goodwill Animal Shelter - India

An organisation striving hard in adverse conditions in the foothills of the Eastern Himalaya to redefine the relationship of human and animal world.

Help in Suffering - India

 HIS is a registered Indian charitable trust working for the benefit of the animals of India. Help in Suffering has two animal shelters; the original shelter, founded in l980, on two acres of land in south Jaipur, and a shelter in Kalimpong (West Bengal). A specialised Camel Rescue Centre is being built at Bassi, a village on the Agra road, to serve draught camels.

Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre - Nepal

The KAT Centre runs a successful Animal Birth Control (sterilisation and anti-rabies vaccination) program and public education program for the benefit of the people in the Kathmandu Valley.

Save Our Friends Association (SOFA) - Sri Lanka

 SOFA works in Kandy to humanely reduce the street-dog-population and to relief suffering of injured, homeless and sick cats and dogs.


SCAD is dedicated to improving the lives and reducing the numbers of stray cats and dogs through ABC, education and adoption programmes.

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - Fiji

SPCA is Fiji's only animal welfare organisation and we have been caring for the animals of Fiji since 1953. In Suva, we have a small veterinary clinic, welfare office and shelter to re-home stray and abandoned cats and dogs. We also conduct veterinary clinics in Nadi and other parts of Fiji.

Blue Cross of India - India

The Blue Cross of India was the first in the world to propose spay, vaccinate and return for street dogs in 1964 and called it the Animal Birth Control (ABC) programme to show that the solution to the street dog issue was as easy as ABC.