The VBB Ladakh street dog sterilisation program began in 2006 and since then the local government (the Administration of Leh) and the Animal Husbandry Department have become increasingly involved with the project, ensuring the likelihood of its long term sustainability.

It is now a collaboration of the Ladakh Animal Welfare Society (LAWS), Young Druka Association, Dept of Animal Husbandry and Vets Beyond Borders and now known as the LAWA [Ladakh Project].

Major sponsor is Fondation Brigitte Bardot and the clinic is located in Thukcha in the capital of Leh. The main work of volunteers is performing surgical sterilisation, treatment, education and giving rabies vaccinations. There may also be opportunities for some remote camps held outside of Leh. 

VBB is now accepting volunteers for the 2017 season (end of April to beginning of October). The Ladakh project will operate beyond October 2017 but the season is based on weather conditions which are difficult to anticipate. 

if you are interested in volunteering in Ladakh in 2017 and have more questions please CONTACT US.  Otherwise, please APPLY HERE

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What's it like it Ladakh? Check out this video for an overview of what you can expect.