Australian Veterinary Emergency Response Team

Have you thought about how animals are affected in bushfires and floods, and who helps them in their time of crisis?

Animals of all kinds - pets, farm, wildlife - need urgent veterinary care at those times - and VBB has answered the need with its new program.

AVERT is a nationally coordinated database of volunteer veterinarians, vet nurses and experts from allied disciplines who inspect, handle, treat or humanely euthanise animals in natural disasters in Australia such as fire, floods, cyclones, drought or emergency animal disease outbreaks.

Animals are among the most affected victims of natural disasters such as fires, floods, droughts and cyclones.  More than ever before, Australia needs a nationally coordinated veterinary response to these emergencies.

Now it's happening!  VBB is acting for the pets, farm animals and wildlife that need veterinarians and vet nurses to deal quickly with their immense suffering during disasters occurring anywhere in Australia.  We help  farmers and other animal carers too when their going gets tough.

Vets Beyond Borders will be seeking the support of all Australian donors to sustain this vital new service and make it effective across all animal emergencies, including animal disease outbreaks. 

VBB is also seeking expressions of interest from veterinary volunteers prepared to undertake training in helping animals in emergency situations.

To REGISTER YOUR INTEREST or to APPLY for AVERT please DOWNLOAD this form and EMAIL US it for more details. Thank you.