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Current VBB Overseas Projects Requiring Volunteers

The Ladakh Anti-Rabies and Dog Management Project,  India

Volunteers required June to September 2011.

In the north west Indian state of Ladakh, VBB, in partnership with the Ladakh Animal Care Society and the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, is running its ongoing ABC-AR (Animal Birth Control – Anti Rabies) programme for the fourth consecutive year in 2010. Volunteer veterinarians & veterinary nurses are required at the clinic from June to September each year. Read more.


Sikkim Anti-Rabies and Animal Health (SARAH) Programme, India

Volunteers required March to May and September to December 2011.

In the North-Eastern Indian State of Sikkim, VBB is working in collaboration with the Sikkimese Government and the Brigitte Bardot Foundation in what is believed to be the first, state-wide, animal welfare project of its kind. This extensive state-wide ABC – AR programme is now fully funded however it requires the generous and dedicated work of volunteer veterinarians to continue. Since 2005 volunteer veterinarians and veterinary nurses, from Australia and overseas, have made the journey to Sikkim to participate in the program. Volunteer veterinarians with a minimum of 2 years experience in basic small animal surgery are required from February to June and September to December each year. Read more about SARAH.


Bylakuppe Rabies and Disease Control Programme, Karnataka, India

Volunteers URGENTLY NEEDED in 2011.

Bylakuppe, the site of a major Tibetan Refugee resettlement, is a rural village in Karnataka, southern India. The refugee settlement consists of approximately 23 Tibetan camps/agricultural settlements close to each other, 5 other monasteries, and 3 Tibetan Schools.  The Tibetan refugees make up a population of about 18,000. This area holds the largest population of Tibetans outside of Tibet, and the largest refugee settlement in India. The refugees live harmoniously with the indigenous Indian population in the region.  Sera Dratsang (Monastery), set in the settlement, is one of the world’s largest teaching institutions for Buddhism, housing and supporting approximately 6000 Tibetan monks.  Volunteer vets and nurses are required throughout February to December 2011 to run our animal birth control anti-rabies project in the Monastery grounds, and outreaching to the surrounding region. Find out more volunteering information about volunteering for the Bylakuppe Rabies and Diesase Control Programmes.

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