Volunteering Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Vets Beyond Borders. 

Please make sure you read all the information we supply in this section as it contains important points for anyone considering volunteering with Vets Beyond Borders. 

Volunteering as a Veterinarian or Veterinary Nurse

Volunteering for on an animal project can be a great way to experience another country and culture while working to help them. The regions we work offer unique opportunities for travelling, from trekking to rafting, to being imersed in local traditions, visiting local monasteries or temples, and enjoying local cuisine.

Veterinary professionals working on our programs come from all over the world. We require a minimum of two years' clinical experience to register as a veterinary volunteer (including qualifed nurses) on a VBB program, as well as a time commitment of at least two weeks onsite, though this depends on the program activities and the timing of your visit.

More information about our current volunteering opportunities at the SARAH (Sikkim) project can be found at VBB Projects with more about volunteering with VBB at General volunteering information.

On VBB ABC-AR (Animal Birth Control & Anti-Rabies) projects we routinely use the flank (rather than midline) spey method on female dogs. While many vets who volunteer have not done a flank spey before, they pick up the technique quite quickly.

The closed castration method is used for male dogs. Intradermal sutures are used to close the wounds. It is expected that volunteers will follow the standard clinic protocols, although discussion and new ideas are certainly welcome.

Veterinary student or newly graduated volunteers

Advanced (4th year+) veterinary students are able to register an application to volunteer for VBB’s programs to help with surgical support (vet nurse) roles only.

Non-veterinary volunteers (including those accompanying veterinary volunteers)

Non-vet volunteers are occasionally able to volunteer for VBB’s programs to help with administration, community education and fundraising. These volunteers pay for their own accommodation and food, and may only be able to attend at certain times at the discretion of individual project operators.

As an accompanying volunteer, you will be bound by the same terms and conditions as the veterinarary volunteer and, if you wish to visit the project site at any time, must have current pre-exposure cover against rabies.

From time to time there are specific positions available in VBB projects for non-vet volunteers. However, if there are no specific positions available but you are motivated and passionate about animal welfare and public health please still Contact us or Register to volunteer and we will do our best to find a place for you in one of our partner projects.

Volunteering within VBB organisation (in Australia)

Both non-veterinary and veterinary volunteers are welcome to volunteer to help within the VBB organisation both in Australia and overseas. As a small organisation we sometimes require help from motivated, passionate and committed people with skills in the areas of administration, promotion, publicity and fundraising. VBB members can also join subcommittees within the organisation to contribute and assist in the day-to-day running of VBB. Specific volunteering opportunities arise from time to time so please Contact us or Register to volunteer if you'd like to suggest a way you can help out.