A New Life for Ahoj

In April this year, I had a chance to work as a volunteer vet for a VBB project in Tibetan settlement in Bylakuppe. I had done this type of work before in Sikkim and thought I knew what to expect from that but in fact, the whole experience from Bylakuppe surpassed my expectations. I was staying at Sera Monastery and worked alongside Tibetans as well as Buddhist monks who work for the project as paravets. The project had just started and its aim was to neuter as many stray dogs as possible, vaccinate them against rabies and treat for skin infections. With the permission of Sera headquarters, we were allowed to use two rooms in a human hospital in Sera that served for a consultation room and a theatre.

On the top of routine neutering, there were a lot of local people bringing their pets to the hospital for treatment of various health problems. Also, local villagers would have called us if they had found an animal in distress or in need of medical attention.

This was a case of a small female dog that was found in Children SOS Village in Bylakuppe on my very first day there. The dog was found lying on the ground, lethargic and unable to stand up due to severe weakness. She was taken to the hospital and carefully examined. She was dehydrated with severe malnutrition, anaemia, pyoderma, scabies, flea infestation, purulent eye discharge and wound on left carpal joint. She had hardly any hair due to skin infection.

Ahoj when found Photo: Ahoj at arrival at the clinic

We started her on treatment immediately hoping it was not too late. She was so weak and lethargic she was not able to eat or drink and it took quite a few days before she took a first sip of water. From then on, she started to improve slowly. A few days later, she was able to stand up for her meal and after another week she went for her first walk outside the hospital. After a few weeks of an intensive care it was clear that she would be able to fully recover. Slowly, all the wounds healed up and the hair started to grow back.

Ahoj before and after treatment Photo: Ahoj before and after treatment.

We named the dog Ahoj which means Hi in Czech language. She was also called Number One as she was the very first patient of this project.
Now, a few months after being found, Ahoj is still well looked after by the dedicated local staff who are trying to find a new home for her. She has fully recovered and is enjoying all the attention as the Number One dog.

It is great to see animals like Ahoj to profit from projects such as the one VBB has started in Bylakuppe. Without this project, she would have been left to die from a slow and painful death. Now she is a happy young dog and a great source of inspiration for everybody who wants to help animals in need.

Author: Eva Pavelkova

Ahoj now Photo: Happy Ahoj!