Terms & Conditions

Vets Beyond Borders membership and volunteering

Please note that currently you must be a financial member of Vets Beyond Borders (VBB) to register an application to volunteer in any of our projects.

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Please also note that VBB membership is not in any form a contract or a guarantee that your application to volunteer will be approved or accepted, as a suitable position to match your skills and availability may not become available. VBB has strict guidelines and requirements for selecting our program volunteers, which ensure our projects' integrity, efficiency, good local relations and long-term viability. These guidelines also ensure the welfare of the animals that are handled by our projects and reassure the community hosting the project.

VBB makes every effort to ensure that a volunteer's experience will be satisfying and that their wellbeing will be a priority in our processing of their engagement and onsite management. We can not, however, be liable or responsible at any stage for the outcome or consequence of anyone registering to volunteer, being screened or approved to volunteer, and undertaking the volunteer engagement itself. Volunteers are also at all times responsible for their own personal safety, actions and behaviour.

Vets Beyond Borders is also not liable for any expenses incurred by the volunteer in the course of their volunteer engagement whether they have partially undertaken and fulfilled the planned or other volunteer engagement or not, including any travel arrangements. VBB puts in place procedures and protocols to ensure, as much as possible, the security and safety of volunteers while engaged on program sites. Also, in the event of a natural disaster or any other act that may affect the project site or prevent travel to or from it, volunteers will be assisted as much as possible and as is reasonable by VBB staff, volunteers and agents. No responsibility or liability can be taken by VBB for the safety or security of volunteers and we require that travel insurance cover be taken out as soon as possible after travel arrangments are booked for the full term of such travel.

If you have any queries on these aspects please Contact Us.

Terms & conditions for volunteering

Volunteers are required to sign an agreement that binds them to a set of Terms and Conditions while taking part in any program or activity affiliated, managed or administered by Vets Beyond Borders. To view the Terms & Condition please click here: VBB International Project Volunteer

Please note:
1) VBB reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions. 
2) The Terms & Conditions agreed to and signed off by volunteers also apply to any individual who accompanies the volunteer to the project location, regardless of whether or not they are known in advance to VBB.