Volunteer with us

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with VBB

Without you, your skills and dedication, we and our Partners cannot deliver transformational services for needy animals and their communities.

"My volunteer experience not only fulfilled all my expectations but opened a whole new world for me. It showed me that my skills and experience as a veterinarian can be used for much more than helping animals - they can change the world, improving animal welfare on a large scale."    Dr Noelia Lopez, Royal Veterinary College, London

Working as a volunteer for Vets Beyond Borders and our Partners is very satisfying. It is a great opportunity to use your skills in a way that truly benefits animals and the communities in which they live.

VBB volunteers constitute a diverse spectrum of veterinary and non-vet professionals from all over the world. We value our volunteers highly as they make VBB’s mission possible. So, whether you are a veterinarian or veterinary nurse looking to work in a project overseas or in Australia, or someone with other skills that will help build the effectivness of our Partner organisations, we look forward to hearing from you.

Vets Beyond Borders was created with the aim of contributing to world of better health for animals and people. We have a reputation for placing excellent veterinary personnel on projects in the Asia Pacific. 

To find out more and to register to volunteer for a project, please SEE HERE

 Some more comments from VBB volunteers:

“Volunteering with Vets Beyond Borders is one of those true life changing experiences!  Being able to use your veterinary skills and knowledge to help improve the lives of not only animals but also local communities is an incredible feeling and a great personal achievement.  The friends I made in Sikkim will hopefully stay with me for life and the memories, experiences and encounters that VBB has given me will certainly last a lifetime!  Thank you VBB for not only giving me a wonderful volunteering adventure but for the tireless incredible work you achieve every day!” 
Dr Rebecca Robey, Sikkim

“I enjoyed working with local staff and other volunteers a lot and had a chance to get to know the country and the culture from a different point of view, not just like an ‘ordinary’ tourist.”  
Dr Eva Pavelkova, Sikkim & Bylakuppe


“It was the most wonderfully rewarding experience.  The conditions were difficult and at times frustrating but to be able to use my veterinary skills to help the animals was incredibly rewarding.”  
Dr Karyn Wesselingh, Ladakh

Please note that you must be a financial member of Vets Beyond Borders to apply to volunteer - become a VBB member now.

Please also note that VBB membership is not a guarantee that your application to volunteer will be approved or that we will be able to connect you satisfactorily with a Partner Organisation, as a suitable position to match your skills and availability may not become available. VBB has strict requirements for who we accept as volunteers - please visit the other web pages in this section for more details.