Membership of Vets Beyond Borders


and be an important part of creating a world of better health for animals and people.

Membership of Vets Beyond Borders means you are giving more than financial support to our work in the field - it also says you have a commitment to helping animals and their communities in sustainable ways that bring real and meaningful change.

Vets Beyond Borders welcomes both veterinary and non-veterinary members.

As a Member, the benefits to you include:

  • receive our online newsletters, regular updates via email and annual reports
  • may volunteer for VBB VetMatch and AVERT programs and projects - in a veterinary or non-veterinary role
  • are invited to attend annual general meetings, special meetings and vote on organisational matters
  • may join VBB committees and contribute in a more active way to animal welfare and public health

Annual Membership Fees (including GST) are:
    General   AUD$75
    VetMatch Volunteer  AUSD$140  (includes unlimited VetMatch applications in one year)
    Student   AUD$20
    Organisation   AUD$150

Fees include GST.


Please note that you must be a financial member of VBB to apply to volunteer in our programs.
Please also note that VBB membership is not a guarantee that your application to volunteer will be approved or accepted, as a suitable position to match your skills and availability may not become available.
VBB has strict requirements for volunteering on our programs to ensure they are run professionally and with the greatest benefit to the animals and communities we aim to benefit.
If you have any queries on this or any aspect of volunteering, please see the extensive information at our Volunteer page (includes a FAQ page). If this does not answer your question, please Contact us.