Making a Bequest to VBB

Thank you for considering leaving a bequest in your Will to Vets Beyond Borders.

Your Will is much more than a document that informs your trustees about your wishes after your death  – it is a way of expressing what is important to you and the ideals you embraced in life.

As such, it’s an instrument that can empower the charitable causes you support, and often allows them to achieve much more than regular or one-off donations.

Some other ways leaving a bequest to Vets Beyond Borders holds potential:

  • It can express to your family and future generations what values your life represented, and how you would like to be remembered by them.
  • If a bequest is of sufficient size, it could be used to create or add to a charitable trust such as a foundation, which means the money is put into a secure investment vehicle to provide income for use by VBB into perpetuity.
  • It provides the opportunity to develop a memorial program or projects within the current structure of the organisation.

Download our Guide to Making a Bequest to Vets Beyond Borders (including suggested wording for you Will)