VBB Staff

Chief Executive Officer

   Maryann Dalton

Maryann comes from an illustrious career in the animal health and welfare sector in  Australia. She led the turnaround of the Animal Welfare League (NSW) over eight years    from 2003-2011 as CEO, transforming and leading change through coaching, team building and developing a collaborative culture of excellence and transparency.

Maryann also led the achievement of DGR status for AWL in 2011, and grew the organisation from deficit to achieving surplus of $1.6m in 2011. She has strong experience in managing day-to-day financial and administrative affairs for not-for-profit organisations, as well as developing and managing strategic plans, budgets and fundraising initiatives. Having travelled extensively in the USA looking at animal shelters, training, boarding and grooming establishments and vet hospitals, Maryann has also built high-level government relationships locally. She has also negotiated and managed sponsorship agreements with industry and corporate groups, developed MoUs with key stakeholders such as TAFE, Corrective Services, NSW Police and Australian Defence Forces. Her most recent appointment is Operations Manager with the Pet Industry Association of Australia, and she currently provides consultancy services to the industry. She has over 17 years’ experience in the not-for-profit sector, including Guides Australia Inc. and Multiple Sclerosis Society of NSW. Maryann has a Masters degree in Community Management, majoring in volunteerism, and has a proven commitment and passion for animal welfare, where she continues to actively educate and speak to the public in matters of conservation, care and management.

Operations Manager

Mandy Lamkin

Mandy Lamkin  

has been active for over 20 years in animal welfare project management in Australia and India as well as Nepal, where she co-founded that country’s first strategic animal welfare invention and assisted various stakeholders and government agencies in the drafting of a national animal welfare law.

Mandy has held many positions in the charity/not-for-profit sector, including as a director, administrator, educator and fundraiser. She also has a background in psychology, publishing, and training and consulting in philanthropy and ethics in the corporate sector.

Since 2010, Mandy has run the Vets Beyond Borders secretariat, carried out extensive project management and co-ordinated the overall volunteer program.